8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wordfence to Clean Your Hacked Site

At Wordfence we know you have a choice between site cleaning vendors. We feel strongly that you should choose ours because it has very tangible benefits over any other site cleaning service available. So to save you some time, I’d like to describe a few compelling reasons why you should choose Wordfence to clean your hacked site.

1. We don’t set you up for recurring billing.

At Wordfence we understand that our business model should not affect how much you pay for site cleaning. Your site is hacked and you need it fixed. You don’t want to be signed up for a monthly or yearly recurring subscription of some sort.

Our pricing works the way you’d expect an incident response and forensic service to work: A single site cleaning costs $179 and that’s it. Your card will not be repeat billed. It’s intuitive, straightforward and completely transparent. We even include a Premium Wordfence license with every site cleaning that is completely free. This gives WordPress site owners the best firewall and malware detection in the business and it’s included at absolutely no cost to you.

2. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry.

At $179 for a site cleaning, our site cleaning service is extremely cost effective. We’re able to maintain the excellent hands-on service and quality we provide because we get tremendous value from the forensic intrusion data we gather during each site cleaning.  When we clean your hacked site, we discover how an attacker gained access and we share that information with you. We also analyze the footprints they left behind and we provide that information to you too. Then we feed that data into our software products like the Wordfence plugin and it improves our protection and detection capability. This helps improve our product and it helps make the larger online community safer.

Because our larger customer base benefits from the data we get from each site cleaning, we’re able to keep our pricing super competitive while giving you the best incident response and customer service experience in the business.

3. Our team is highly trained and certified

Our two senior analysts are Colette Chamberland and Brad Haas. They both hold multiple forensic and security certifications including CEH, CHFI, CISSP, GCFA, and GCIH  certifications. Colette has previously worked for NASA at their Langley Research Center. Brad joins us from US STRATCOM (Strategic Command) and he brings a wealth of security and incident response experience both from his military and intelligence background and his experience in incident response.

Our team is guided and mentored by Brad and Colette. We provide excellent training and mentorship and the best tools for them in the business.

4. We have turned site cleaning into a software problem

At our core, Wordfence is a software engineering organization. Rather than treat each hacked site as a new and isolated problem, we have spent a lot of time thinking about how new customers can benefit from what we already know about hacked websites. We know that each hacked site does present some new challenges and requires the intelligence of an analyst to bring it back into production. But we also know that many hacked sites have a lot in common and that we can use this common data to more efficiently and effectively clean and repair a hacked site.

We have developed an internal tool we call ‘Omega’ which our analysts use to very quickly analyze and repair a hacked site. Omega uses data from our Threat Defense Feed and from the wealth of knowledge and experience our site cleaning team has gained through cleaning thousands of hacked sites. It also provides a standardized way to approach a hacked site, analyze the intrusion and remediate the hack.

We treat Omega as an internal software product and it is constantly evolving, improving and getting smarter as the attacks we see evolve and as our engineers come up with new ways to make Omega more effective at assisting our analysts in their forensic work.

5. Our Process is safe, secure, thorough and very effective

Our senior analysts and technical leads have created a site cleaning process that ensures that:

  • Your data remains secure. Our clients’ sites frequently include their own customer personally identifiable information (PII). We understand the importance of that data remaining secure and our process ensures that your site data and customer PII remains secure at all times.
  • Our process is safe. We start by ensuring that a full backup is taken of your site and this backup is stored securely and used to perform the site remediation on a separate secure virtual machine that is created just for you. At no time is a site cleaning done on a customer’s live production website. This drastically reduces risk and allows our analysts to be more effective at finding and repairing the infection.
  • We are very effective. Using Omega, our internal forensic tool, along with the extensive training that our team receives and the best tools and techniques in the business, we are extremely effective at finding and completely removing an infection.

6. Our team and systems get smarter with every site cleaning

The Threat Defense Feed is a major part of all Wordfence products and services and this feed is the result of our forensic investigation efforts. Internally we have a process that takes all of the attack data we receive from compromised websites and we translate that data into patterns we can use to improve our detection capability. We also turn some of the data into firewall rules that we can use to improve Wordfence’s protection capability.

Our Threat Defense Feed data also powers our forensic investigation tools. That means that with every site we clean, our detection, protection and repair capability continues to improve. The result is that you benefit from a site cleaning service that has the intelligence gained from thousands of forensic investigations built into it.

7. We offer a complete service.

A site cleaning and forensic investigation is far more than simply bringing a hacked site back to life. At Wordfence site cleaning we offer a complete service:

  • We start by capturing a backup of your site to ensure that your data stays secure, we have a snapshot in time to aid our forensic analysis and in case the damage to your site is ongoing.
  • Your site is throughly cleaned by our team.
  • Our team investigates how an attacker gained entry and how the site was compromised.
  • We remove any malware, malicious links or content in your posts, pages, database or source code.
  • We include a detailed report and this report includes the above information – how the site was compromised and what malicious code or content we found.
  • We provide a detailed checklist to help prevent your site from being compromised in future.
  • We include a Wordfence Premium license key to help protect your site in future at no additional cost to you.

8. Excellent customer service

We understand that repairing a hacked site is very high priority. You need your site back in production fast to minimize the damage it does to your search engine ranking and your brand. We also understand that clear communication is very important when dealing with a crisis.

Once you contact our team and we start the site cleaning process, we carefully monitor how your site cleaning is progressing and ensure that it moves forward as quickly as possible and you continue to receive clear communication and updates from us.

Our entire site cleaning team is based in the United States. Hiring forensic analysts locally means we have a close relationship with each analyst and they are able to effectively communicate with our customers in the major English speaking markets that we serve.

Quotes from our customers:

“To the Wordfence team. Thanks for all of your help on my sites.  I have been really impressed with your business model and execution of services.  It feels like I have my own security team.”


“One of my websites got hacked… Thanks for cleaning it up Wordfence Cleaning Team. Great job!”


“It’s taken some time to get a handle on it, but thanks to the team over at Wordfence Security, things are now looking in the clear and Google has once again given Business Cat the clean bill of health.”


Thank you Kathy. I am happy that this work was done so fast.”


Many thanks for not only sorting the issues on my website but for your comprehensive reply.”


“Thanks so much for your work on this. It means I could focus on getting my actual paid work out the door instead of messing about with this.”


Get your site cleaning started

If you have a site that has been hacked, visit this page to start the site cleaning process now and our team will get right on it. Our checkout process gives you the ability to securely send us your site credentials and once checkout is complete, our team will respond quickly and will get your site back into production and provide you with the tools to prevent a future compromise. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Community Site Cleaning Resources

We understand that some members of our community may not be able to engage the services of a paid site cleaning service. We have provided our community with tools to help empower them to clean sites themselves. If you would like to clean your own site, you will find the links below very helpful. We also encourage you to read the additional content in our Learning Center which will help you gain a more complete understanding of website security. Here are a few resources for website owners who want to clean their own hacked site:

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