8 Ways to Write a Twitter Bio That Boosts Your Follower Count

Are you wondering how to boost your twitter follower count? In this article, we’re going to explore eight techniques you can use when learning how to write a Twitter bio.

Our Twitter bios might be one of the most overlooked features on social media profiles. You wrote one when you first joined, updated it a couple of times since, but it’s often sat there doing what it does.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, your bio is one of the first things people see on your profile.
This alone goes to show the importance that writing a good Twitter bio has.

There many opportunities here to show personality and charisma.

Write a great Twitter bio, and you can dramatically increase your follower count. 

But do you know how to write a Twitter bio in such a way?

Today, we’re going to explore eight techniques you can use when learning how to write a Twitter bio.

#1 – Don’t Be Too Formal

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of your profile is, Twitter is a very personal social media platform.

You can interact with businesses and individuals on a one-on-one basis.

Nobody likes interacting with someone who’s too formal.

It’s okay to be a bit personal when it comes to your bio, especially if you’re an individual.

The more human and ‘real’ you are, the more likely a user is to follow your account.

In this example, the information used is personal and easy to read.

There’s even a motivation statement that shows what the person believes in and their life motto.


#2 – Be Yourself

This means that you shouldn’t pretend but rather showcase your best traits.

Due to the limited character count, many users will resort to adding single words that summarize who they are.

This is a very effective way of getting your presence across.

Aston Kutcher’s profile is a great example of this because it goes into detail about what matters the most to him.

This is the ideal balance between showing the followers what he cares about and stands for.

If you’re not yourself people can become very confused when they follow you.

In some cases, this will even cause decrease in the number of followers, which can be harming to your promotional efforts.

#3 – Share What You’re Passionate About

When you network with people in the real world, one of the first topics of conversation will be about what you and the other person are interested in.

What are your hobbies, your interests, and things you’re passionate about in your life?

– Social proof is another way you can gain followers, as you prove you’re as the leading account they expect you to be. If you’ve won an award, have been mentioned on a list, include this in your bio to add authority. Don’t forget to add links and hashtags for proof of this!

The same rule applies when it comes to learning how to write a Twitter bio. This brief insight into your life says a lot about you and people will be able to connect with that. This will result in them following you.

Of course, when you’re writing about what you’re passionate about, it’s important to keep it somewhat relevant to the purpose of your Twitter page.

Having too much of a diverse range of information can be confusing and misleading to some people.

Try to keep everything as concise and precise as possible.

– In some cases, you may even want to open multiple Twitter accounts to suit different interests of different departments of your business.

This way, people can follow the accounts that are most relevant to them.

#4 – Reduce Your Buzzwords

Let’s face it- the vast majority of Twitter users you follow will include buzzwords in their bio. This happens because they hope it will share who they are and what they do.

Unfortunately, people see this as a dated technique which doesn’t provide much value.

Some of the most common buzzwords you might see include;

  • Entrepreneur
  • Marketing expert
  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Vlogger
  • Hustler
  • Social media expert
  • Manager
  • Mother/Father
  • Lover of life

Richard Branson’s profile features single words which form a fun bio. This makes him stand out.

Using buzzwords can feel like a great way to present yourself but there are so many people that have the same bios.

This causes so many accounts to look the same, and if you don’t stand out, you’re not going to get the followers.

Dare to be different and you can almost guarantee an increase in your follower count.

#5 – Write an Accurate Twitter Bio

There’s nothing more off-putting than visiting a profile of someone you could be interested in following and then realizing their bio and posts are full of mistakes, grammatical errors, and typos.

From a reader’s perspective, a bio full of errors is simply not enjoyable to read and will result in lost followers.

When you’re learning how to write a Twitter bio, spend time making sure everything is accurate.

This helps you achieve a higher level of authority and gives your potential followers a sense of trust.

Here is a list of tools you can use to help improve your writing skills and Twitter bio quality:

  • All Hashtag Generator – Use this free online tool to generate optimized hashtags for your Twitter bio.
  • Study demic – A blog full of copywriting guides to help you effectively portray yourself in your Twitter bio.
  • Revieweal / Ox Essays – These two services can help you identify great keywords for your bio to be found easily.
  • Grammarix – Use this online tool to check the grammar accuracy of your Twitter bio.
  • Resumention – An online copywriting and editing tool for perfect the content of your bio.
  • Cite It In / Ukwritings – Use these tools to proofread your bio for accuracy after writing your content.
  • Easy Word Count / Boomessays – Use these free online tools to track the word count of your bio to ensure it fits in the allotted character limit.

When you’re learning how to write a Twitter bio, it’s important to make sure accuracy is one of your most important considerations.

This is the first impression that a lot of people will have of your page.

It tends to reflect the effort you put into your Twitter account, and ultimately the rest of your business.

Making sure your content is written to a high standard is a great way to boost the image of your Twitter page.

It will also boost your brand image, which will result in a rise in your follower count.

Followers want quality content on their Twitter feeds.

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#6 – Show Followers What’s to Come

Many followers will come to your page because they’ve seen you share a post or comment on somebody else’s. However, this isn’t always a great indication of what you post on a regular basis, so use your bio to describe it to them.

By including this information when learning how to write a Twitter bio, your potential followers can see exactly what they can expect from your page. This way, they can easily see whether they want to follow you and minimizes the risk of doubt on whether they should follow.

This is a great example of a blogger who clearly shows what he blogs about, and you can automatically know what sort of topics his tweets are going to include.

This way, anybody visiting his page will be able to relate to the topics he’s going to be talking about.

They can then instantly decide whether they’re interested in these topics, and ultimately whether they want to follow the account.

#7 – Implement Contact Information

Twitter users will come to your profile for all number of reasons. Perhaps they like something you’ve said.

Maybe they want to network with you on a certain project or interest, or they want to query something with you.

Either way, not everybody is going to want to connect with you directly on Twitter.

This is why it can be a great idea to include your preferred methods of contact.

This way, followers can easily get in touch with you in the best way for you both, which will maximize your chances of promoting your business.

Adding contact information can also boost your follower count because you’re adding authority and a human edge to your page.

People can see you’re a human being whose open to connecting, and thus are more likely to relate with you and ultimately follow you.

In this example, John has connected his work phone number, email address, and his website address.

This means hos clients have a lot of ways to reach him.

Whether you’re a business or individual learning how to write a Twitter bio, giving your followers these multiple options allows them to choose.

This is a great way to approach a bio if you run a business and offer customer service support.

#8 – Include Hashtags in Your Bio

If you don’t know this already, yes, you can include hashtags in your Twitter bio.

This is such a great technique to use because it helps make your page for visible for people searching various tags.

Of course, if you’ve chosen the right tags, interested people will be able to find you much easier, and you’ll increase your chances of potential followers finding you.

It’s important here not to overload your bio with tags, but rather select a few keywords that represent you.

It’s always a good idea to keep researching which hashtags the best suit your profile. Trends can change overnight, so it’s always a good idea to keep on top of what’s trending in your industry. This way, you can keep updating your hashtags for the maximum visibility

– says Nick Harper, a social media manager for TopCanadianWriters.


In this example, you can see that the bio includes a custom hashtag which she created and relates to the projects she works on.

This way, anybody searching the tag will instantly be able to find her account and thus boost the number of followers she has.

She has also included the ‘@’ tags of the companies and pages she is affiliated with. This is another great technique since anybody searching for content from these companies and pages will find your page. If they are interested in what you have to say, you can easily boost your follower count

– explains Rita Miller, a Marketing strategist at StudentWritingServices.


There are plenty of techniques you can use while learning how to write a Twitter bio, but the most important thing to remember is to be you.

Think about who you are, what business you are, and what image you’re trying to portray.

Once you’ve clearly defined that image, you’ll be able to write a captivating bio that visitors to your page are going to love.

Once they love what they read, they’ll follow, and you’ll soon see an increase in your follower count.

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