Clef Two Factor Authentication is Shutting Down

This morning, two-factor authentication plugin Clef, also known as GetClef, announced that they are shutting down. They currently have more than 1 million active WordPress websites using their two-factor authentication plugin.

According to the announcement on their blog, their team will be joining another company and they will provide more info in the coming weeks. At this point we don’t have any more detail on who Clef is joining and under what circumstances.

Clef will continue operating for another three months, starting today. Their final shutdown date is June 6th, at which point their apps will be removed from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Clef have been kind enough to recommend their users transition to Wordfence. They have written a guide to help ease the transition. Wordfence Premium supports traditional SMS based cellphone sign-in along with two factor using Google Authenticator.

Wordfence currently has over 40,000 customers who also use Clef. If you fall into that group, we recommend you disable and remove the Clef plugin and switch to using Wordfence two-factor authentication. You may need to upgrade to Premium to do this if you aren’t already a Wordfence Premium customer.

If you are one of the 1 million+ websites who use Clef and don’t currently have Wordfence installed, we recommend you install Wordfence and upgrade to Premium, which will provide you with SMS based two-factor authentication along with the ability to use the Google Authenticator app if you prefer that.

This announcement caught many of us by surprise. The entire Wordfence team wishes the Clef team well as they join another company and we look forward to learning more about their future projects.

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