Docplanner: International SEO Case Study

Docplanner: International SEO Case Study

About Docplanner:

Docplanner is an online service that allows patients to make appointments with doctors in their area. We currently have over 3 million users visiting our website each month.

We operate now in over 20 countries and are the primary leaders in eight markets: Poland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. Our customers are medical professionals who purchase access to an online calendar service so that patients can locate them, see their availability, and plan appointments.

Unamo SEO is the only solution on the market that provides a simple and transparent way to monitor the effectiveness of over the 20,000 keywords we have to monitor in over 20 international search engines. 

-Mariusz Gralewski, CEO of Docplanner

What issues did you face that made you look for a solution?

Working on website development and cooperation in many markets required us to organize and analyze large amounts of data. As our efforts have achieved the required results we’ve wanted in different international markets, we’ve had to increase the size and scale of our SEO operations.

Given that the crux of our business depends on digital visibility, we needed a tool that made it easy to monitor different international campaigns with transparency and ease.

What made you choose Unamo SEO?

Unamo SEO is the only solution on the market we’ve found that provides a simple and transparent way to monitor the effectiveness of over 20,000 keywords that we track in the search engines.

The main advantage of this service is that we have the opportunity to observe keyword trends and analysis on both macro and micro level.

Furthermore, being able to track different regions within a country from one campaign has significantly reduced the amount of time needed in parsing data and minimized the amount of different campaigns needed to monitor our overall growth within a country.

How would you describe your onboarding experience with us and the support you’ve received?

Getting off the ground has been extremely easy. We’re able to add and group huge amounts of keywords in bulk in different regions with ease. The support is always up to the task of answering any questions we have and responds extremely fast.

How has Unamo SEO specifically helped you achieve your digital marketing goals?

Mostly, we use Unamo SEO for monitoring and analyzing our traffic expectations in conjunction with our target keywords in the SERPs. This allows us to verify the achieved results with our expectations.

Since we’ve started using Unamo SEO, we’ve achieved:

  • 20 million unique patients

  • 400,000 appointments

  • 27,000 active doctors

The majority of these achievements stem from our SEO efforts within these markets.

Furthermore, in the context of evaluating the effectiveness of our actions, we can keep an eye on our competitors and benchmark our success as market leaders against them.

Without a reliable source for monitoring our positions, we would not be able to effectively track the positions of more than 20,000 keywords in an effective manner, or one that allows us to draw conclusions on the fly.