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All of the elements of an effective, successful online advertising campaign:

Button Ad: Button Ads appear on the Welcome Page, among others, of DeKalb County Online. Ads appear in a random rotation. The objective is to create a horizontal advertising or branding process between your business/organization and our readers. The Button Ad is also used as an avatar for our Facebook announcements. Just send us a clean digital copy of your logo in a PG, GIF, or PNG format. Please include a link to your business/organization website. Click here to see examples of Button Ads.

Advertorials: An Advertorial is a press release or business announcement that is published as a post that appears on the Welcome Page and Category Pages of DeKalb County Online. It is also shared via Facebook and Twitter. The purpose of the press release is vertical, direct response marketing. The advertorials may include embedded video, audio or image files. The press release should include the 4-Ws (Who, What, When and Where) for the event or sale. Photographs or multimedia (video) are encouraged. Click here for an example of an Advertorial.

Directory link: A link to your business/organization website is added to the DeKalb County Online local directory. Our local online directory is highly visited and has been since 1997. A Directory Link is great for SEO purposes. An important component of search engine ranking is determined by what sites link to yours. A link from DeKalb County Online is like a vote of confidence in your website. Click here to view the Directory.

Events Listings: DeKalb County Online includes the area’s most extensive Online Calendar of Local Events. Make sure everyone in DeKalb County knows about your Open House, Sale or Big Event by having all your events included in our Local Area Events Calendar. Front page stories about your events are also included in the package.


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