Postman SMTP Plugin With Unpatched Vulnerability Removed From Directory

We have received a number of questions regarding the Postman SMTP plugin which was removed from the directory this week. According to an archived snapshot, the plugin is installed on over 100,000 websites. We assume it was removed because it contains a publicly known reflected cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability that has not been fixed. Both Wordfence Free and Premium users who have the firewall enabled have been protected against attempts to exploit this vulnerability from day one. In addition, we alerted all Wordfence users who have the plugin installed when it was removed from the plugin directory.


On June 29, an unnamed security researcher published the details of the vulnerability, including a proof of concept. A proof of concept is a demonstration that shows the plugin author (and in this case the entire internet, including potential attackers) how to exploit the security vulnerability. The security researcher had apparently attempted to reach the author but had been unable to.

On October 4 (we think, as we have no way of confirming the exact date), the directory team removed the plugin.

Also on October 4, someone named Diego (no last name given) reported in comments on the original vulnerability disclosure post that he had reached the author, so hopefully a fix will be released soon.

Wordfence Firewall Includes Robust XSS Protection

The Wordfence firewall includes protection against new and emerging XSS attacks. Both Wordfence free and Premium users have been protected against this attack since (and before) it was made public. This is a great example of why using a firewall to protect your website is so important: you are immediately protected against most new threats.

In cases where we don’t already protect against a new threat, we develop a new firewall rule, deploying it to our Premium customers in real-time and free customers 30 days later. This ‘virtual patching’ by our security analysts and developers keeps your sites safe.

Wordfence Alerts You When Plugins Are Removed From

When plugins you have installed on your site are removed from, Wordfence alerts you. There is a long list of reasons why the plugin team at might remove a plugin from the directory. One common reason is that someone has discovered a security vulnerability that has not yet been fixed. Since they don’t publicly announce that plugins have been removed, nor why, it is prudent for site owners to treat the plugin as a potential security risk and take reasonable precautions.

We wrote at length about how to handle this situation when we released this feature back in June as a part of the 6.3.11 release.

What To Do

If you have the Postman SMTP plugin installed on your site, we suggest that you remove it immediately. It contains an unpatched security vulnerability and it appears the author may have abandoned it.

If you haven’t already, we suggest that you install Wordfence on all of your WordPress websites. It will alert you when your plugins have been abandoned or removed from the the WordPress directory. Its firewall will also protect you against new and emerging attacks.

Finally, consider upgrading to Wordfence Premium if you haven’t already. The real-time firewall rule updates will protect you from the latest threats. In addition, the real-time IP blacklist will stop all attacks from the most malicious IPs, regardless of what they’re up to.

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