Superfly: Case Study

About Superfly:

Superfly Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency from Hull, United Kingdom.

Our primary focus is web design, graphic design, and various other forms of digital marketing including SEO, PPC, and social media. We work with a wide variety of businesses ranging from small local businesses to larger nationwide companies.

Why we decided to use Unamo SEO

When we set up Superfly, we knew that we’d need the ability to monitor our client’s search rankings, track competitors and keep an eye on inbound links.

We trialed a variety of major SEO tools on the market, including the likes of Moz and Raven. However, it was the honest price and easy to use interface which kept us coming back to Unamo SEO. Unamo SEO was the only tool we encountered which offered that extra personal touch.

During our time using the service we’ve already seen a variety of requested changes implemented. The team takes all feedback incredibly seriously, and have even contacted us to discuss suggested changes.

It’s going this extra mile which really made Unamo SEO a no-brainer for us.

Usage and the features

Unamo SEO’s keyword monitoring tools are some of the best in the business. We’re able to combine our client’s keywords into groups, and track the average progress of these groups as a whole over a period of time.

This alone has been absolutely critical to our business, as with modern SEO there’s little value in showing individual keyword positions to our clients (due to their regular fluctuations).

Our clients are very happy to see every month how the average position of each keyword group is progressing up the ranks. Our SEO team instantly found the Positionly website simple to use, and within minutes felt familiar with it.

Problems solved thanks to Unamo SEO

By switching to Unamo SEO we managed to save ourselves hours every week. As a new business this has been absolutely crucial to our success, freeing up more time to spend doing the actual SEO work.