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  • DynDNS is currently being DDoS’d – May affect your site

    DNS provider DynDNS, also known as Dyn.com is currently being attacked using a very aggressive DDoS attack. If you use them for your website DNS you probably have experienced outages today. You can get status updates from DynDNS themselves here and also on Twitter. This attack affects any website or online service that uses Dyn.com for […]

  • WordPress Sites Leveraged in Layer 7 DDoS Campaigns

    WordPress Sites Leveraged in Layer 7 DDoS Campaigns

    We first disclosed that the WordPress pingback method was being misused to perform massive layer 7 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks back in March 2014. The problem being that any WordPress website with the pingback feature enabled (its default setting) could be used to attack the availability of other websites. The attacks would inundate the web server with LayerRead…