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  • Arbitrary File Deletion Flaw Present in WordPress Core

    The security community has been abuzz this week following the disclosure of a vulnerability present in all current versions of WordPress. The flaw, published in a detailed report by RIPS Technologies, allows any logged-in user with an Author role or higher to delete files on the server. This post is Copyright 2018 Defiant, Inc. and […]

  • Do You Need a WordPress Security Plugin?

    At Wordfence we are a big team these days with millions of customers, and we think about security all day long. Sometimes we can get deep down the proverbial rabbit hole and forget about the basics. I recently overheard someone asking “Do I really need a WordPress security plugin?” and I realized this is a…

  • Wordfence Integrates Malware Scan Into Firewall

    If you’ve been using the Wordfence Firewall for a while, you may have noticed that our firewall ruleset has been growing steadily over the past few months. This happens as we turn new threat intelligence into firewall rules and release them into production to protect your website. The Wordfence Firewall protects you against attackers hacking into your website…

  • Ask Sucuri: Differentiate Between Security Firewalls

    Ask Sucuri: Differentiate Between Security Firewalls

    Question: How should a website owner differentiate between Firewalls? What do they do? The term “firewall” is not new. It is common terminology in the world of technology and security, and possibly common enough that even non-technical people have a basic understanding of what a firewall is. Its meaning actually extends beyond security. The brick walls thatRead…