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  • Wordfence Launches Short-Circuit Scan Signatures – Up to 6X Performance Increase

    In October 2016, the Wordfence team started chatting about a way to radically boost the speed of scans once we grow beyond a certain number of scan signatures. As a reminder, a scan signature is a pattern that recognizes a certain kind of malware. Today Wordfence has 4,523 signatures available for the free community, and we […]

  • Wordfence Scan Gets Faster and Smarter

    Wordfence is highly effective at securing your website in part because it is tightly integrated with the WordPress API. We know your visitor identity information, so we can make smart decisions about who gets access and who gets blocked. It’s very different from the way generic firewalls work. This allows us to create powerful firewall…

  • Wordfence Integrates Malware Scan Into Firewall

    If you’ve been using the Wordfence Firewall for a while, you may have noticed that our firewall ruleset has been growing steadily over the past few months. This happens as we turn new threat intelligence into firewall rules and release them into production to protect your website. The Wordfence Firewall protects you against attackers hacking into your website…

  • Malware: 139,000 WordPress Sites Saved in 30 Days

    Malware: 139,000 WordPress Sites Saved in 30 Days

    Wordfence provides two core security capabilities to the websites we protect. Our firewall prevents your WordPress site from getting hacked. Our malware scanner detects if you have been hacked or if malware has somehow been installed on your system. Today I’d like to share a few malware statistics, how we put new malware detection into production and a…