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  • Botnet of Infected WordPress Sites Attacking WordPress Sites

    The Defiant Threat Intelligence team recently began tracking the behavior of an organized brute force attack campaign against WordPress sites. This campaign has created a botnet of infected WordPress websites to perform its attacks, which attempt XML-RPC authentication to other WordPress sites in order to access privileged accounts. Between Wordfence’s brute force protection and the premium real-time […]

  • Using Innocent Roles to Hide Admin Users

    Using Innocent Roles to Hide Admin Users

    All across the internet, we find guides and tutorials on how to keep your WordPress site secure. Most of them approach the concept of user roles, but not many actually approach the capabilities of those roles. The way the capabilities are handled on WordPress makes it quite easy to change what each role is allowed…

  • XSS Injection Campaign Exploits WordPress AMP Plugin

    News broke last week disclosing a number of vulnerabilities in the AMP For WP plugin, installed on over 100,000 WordPress sites. WordPress contributor Sybre Waaijer identified the security issue and confidentially disclosed it to the WordPress plugins team. To exploit the flaw, an attacker needs to have a minimum of subscriber-level access on a vulnerable site. This…

  • Hackers Change WordPress Siteurl to Pastebin

    Hackers Change WordPress Siteurl to Pastebin

    Last Friday, we reported on a hack that used a vulnerability in the popular WP GDPR Compliance plugin to change WordPress siteurl settings to erealitatea[.]net. At that time it was not clear who was behind the massive attack, since the erealitatea[.]net domain didn’t work and the infection simply broke the compromised sites. Our SiteCheck scanner…