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  • Backdoor Uses Paste Site to Host Payload

    Backdoor Uses Paste Site to Host Payload

    Finding backdoors is one of the biggest challenges of a website security analyst, as backdoors are designed to be hidden in case the malware is found and removed. Website Backdoors A backdoor is a piece of malware that attackers leave behind to allow them access back into a website. Hackers like to inject code into different locations to […]

  • Google and Facebook Used in Phishing Campaigns

    Google and Facebook Used in Phishing Campaigns

    We’ve all seen sketchy looking emails or texts with malicious links to click on. There are still people who fall for these more obvious types of scams, however, phishing scam messages are designed to be deceiving. They use methods that appear valid or of some urgent matter, encouraging its victim to hand over their data. Phishing…

  • Unwanted Ads via Baidu Links

    Unwanted Ads via Baidu Links

    The malware attack that began as an installation of malicious Injectbody/Injectscr WordPress plugins back in February has evolved since then. Some of the changes were documented asUpdates at the bottom of the original blog post, however, every week we see minor modifications in the way they obfuscate the scripts or the files they inject them into.…

  • New WordPress Security Guide

    New WordPress Security Guide

    WordPress has become the most popular CMS and now powers over 28% of the web. With over 60 million downloads, its popularity makes it a prime target for malicious hackers that are looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. If an attacker is able to gain unauthorized access into an insecure website, they can leverage valuable resources…