Wordfence Launches WordPress Security Audit Service

WordPress Security AuditThis morning I am very excited to announce that Wordfence is officially launching a WordPress Security Audit service. Many of our customers have asked us for a service like this and it has finally arrived.

For just $149, one of our experienced security analysts will perform a 59-point inspection to ensure that your site is secure. They produce a report that includes detailed recommendations for improving your site security. The service also includes a Wordfence Premium license for your site. You can find a sample report on this page.

What makes this service really amazing is that a single Wordfence license costs $99. So now, instead of just buying a $99 license, for just $50 more you can have one of our security analysts secure your site. In addition to the site audit, the team also inspects your Wordfence configuration to make sure malware scanning is running optimally and that your firewall is configured correctly for your hosting environment.

The service is backed by a 90-day guarantee. We will clean your site free of charge should it get hacked within 90 days after the audit.

Why We Created the WordPress Security Audit

For some time now Wordfence has been providing site cleaning services for hacked websites at a price of $149 per site. This service includes a Wordfence Premium API key. We realized that many customers are also interested in having an experienced Wordfence security analyst look at their site, even if they have not been hacked.

Our senior team got together and spent some time developing the WordPress Security Audit service, including the comprehensive 59-point inspection that each site receives from an analyst.

We have been quietly providing site security audits for a few weeks now to a select group of customers as part of a soft-launch. Our team has already found many issues that they have helped customers resolve, including vulnerable PHPMyAdmin installations and commercial plugins and themes with vulnerable subdirectories that our customers weren’t aware of.

Today we are publicly announcing the availability of the service. You can sign up for your security audit now on this page.

The Benefit of an Audit by a Security Team

So far every site audit we have performed has found something that needs attention to help secure the customer website. During testing, our team audited sites belonging to security professionals and have found several items that could help improve site security.

Even if you are a security professional, you can’t compete with the knowledge our team has gained from thousands of hacked site cleanings. The Wordfence Security Services Team (SST) think about WordPress site security all day long and have a wealth of knowledge they can draw from. Having our team of experienced professionals lock down your WordPress site is a way to rapidly improve your security posture.

Get your site security audit scheduled today.

As always you are welcome to post your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. I will be around to reply where needed.

Mark Maunder – Wordfence Founder/CEO.

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