Wordfence Site Cleaning Customer Reviews

In June last year we officially launched the Wordfence site cleaning service. Our senior analysts Brad and Colette had worked hard to put the processes in place we needed to provide an excellent site cleaning service to our customers that was fast, effective and safe. Since then the site cleaning team and the level of service has evolved tremendously. Today I want to share some of that progress with you.

When we started offering site cleaning in June of last year, the team was still relatively small. Today the site cleaning team at Wordfence has grown to 15 people who all work together in concert to ensure that you receive the very best in customer service and a fast response time. The team does a great job of ensuring your site is up and running and back in the search results as quickly as possible while preserving the integrity and security of your data.

Managing growth while providing a ’boutique’ site cleaning service

We may have grown to a team of 15 people, but I still consider us a ’boutique’ operation because we pride ourselves on providing each customer with the best service possible.

We currently clean between 100 and 200 hacked sites per week. This is a very comfortable number for us because it is enough volume to give us excellent visibility into the kinds of hacks that the WordPress platform is experiencing on the ground at any moment in time, which assists with our research. With a team of 15 and that kind of volume, we are still able to give our customers individual attention and excellent customer service.

One of the ways we have optimized our processes to ensure you get the best service is to create a “site cleaning coordinator” role within our organization. We recently brought Jonathan on board who is our full-time site cleaning coordinator. His job is to ensure that customer response times are fast and that customer satisfaction stays high.

If a customer needs help understanding our process, what the team needs to do their job, or if they have any other issues that are blocking their site cleaning, Jonathan jumps in, gets that unblocked and helps get the cleaning moving forward.

Priced at $149 and lower, we provide the best value in the industry

One of the things I am most proud of is that our team has been working since launch to lower the price of our site cleaning service for our customers while actually increasing the value each customer receives. As we have grown, our internal efficiency has improved and we have been able to pass those cost savings on to our customers.

This has allowed us to lower the price of cleanings from $179 when we launched to just $149 for a site cleaning today. This is an incredible value when you consider that you get a Wordfence Premium license free with your site cleaning, a $99 value. That means that you are only paying an extra $50 for the site cleaning service, which is by far the best value in the industry.

We also offer awesome bulk discounts. Right now to clean 10 hacked sites it will cost you just $644. What you may not realize is that you get 10 Wordfence Premium API keys for free with those 10 site cleanings. If you had to buy those 10 API keys from us they would cost $429.10.  That means it costs you just an extra $214.90 to clean 10 sites – or just $21.49 per site. That is by far the best value in our industry.

The reason we decided to go into the site cleaning business is because we wanted the ability to analyze recently hacked sites so that we could better understand how to protect our customers. I went into some detail in our original launch post, explaining why we launched our site cleaning business and how it helps our Wordfence customers.

We are able to take the forensic data from each site cleaning and use it to improve our products. The synergy between our product development and the forensic data we get from the security analysts that clean hacked sites is another reason our costs and pricing have remained low while our service levels have stayed incredibly high.

Let’s hear from a few of our customers

Below I have shared some of the recent feedback the site cleaning team received from our customers. Thank you very much to each of our customers who has sent us their kind feedback. The team very much appreciates it and we are constantly sharing the positive feedback we receive on ‘Slack’, our internal chat system.

I recently contacted Wordfence to take advantage of their website ‘cleaning’ service after a really annoying hack.

Kathy at Wordfence was AMAZING! So patient and without going into details of what exactly she did a) – for security reasons and b) – because I didn’t understand it! I feel much happier with the way my sites have been cleaned. Hell they even load faster now too!

As part of the clean I received a full 4 page guide of what I would need to do after the hack to keep myself safe in future.

Kathy seriously went above and beyond what she needed to do and helped me out so much.

In the nicest possible way, I hope I don’t have to contact Wordfence again, but if you need to, I can totally recommend them.

— Wendy [Blog post]

Helene is a PhD researcher at a global think tank that researches geopolitical risk. It was our pleasure to help their organization recover from a hacked website.

I am so happy with the service you provide, the value and the personal assistance.

— Julie

Thanks for making it easy and fast!

— Annie

I am very satisfied with the quality of your work on my site and all the help you have given me. I am very happy with your services.
Many thanks.

— Emmanuel

David is an author who writes for the Huffington Post, Daily Beast and other publications. It was our pleasure to work with him.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your professionalism, customer support and for taking care of my issues. I will spread the word. 🙂

It helps to have Wordfence under my dashboard to stay on top of it too. You are a true security analyst angel! 🙂

Thank you again Kathy! I greatly appreciate all of your help.

— Tracy

WOW. I commend you guys for your assistance.

— Derrick

Danke für die Erklärung –hervorragender Service! [Translation: “Thank you for the explanation -Excellent service!”]

— Volker

Thank you, Marco.

I’ve informed my client about the link potentially being infected and have removed it from the article. I’ll keep an eye on the backup buddy files.

Thanks again for your speedy help on this. Cheers!

— Olga

Shemeka is a keynote speaker, trainer and educational advocate. It was our pleasure to work with her.

Thanks for all the help! It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

— Jennifer

Thanks for your help and follow up, you guys provide a great service.

— Ross

Hi Marco

Thanks for checking in – I’ve had no more scary alerts from scans, hurrah!

Fingers crossed that’s it!

Thanks for all your help with this,

— Amy

Awesome, thank you Giles!

Things all seem to be back to normal. I’ve read your report and will quickly work on all the recommendations.

Very much appreciated. Thanks for getting the website back up and running so quickly.

I have a number of other websites I manage……if anything ever happens again, it’s nice knowing I can trust Wordfence services.

Rachel is a blogger who writes about books, lifestyle and parenting. It was our pleasure to work with her.

Dear Paolo,

Many thanks for your prompt assistance with this issue.

Excellent service.

Kind regards

— Dan


We would love to hear from you

Whether you are selling a product or service online, writing about technology, involved in advocacy, blogging for fun or sharing important ideas, a website is just a means of communication and it should not get in the way of the conversation you are having with your audience. A hack definitely should not interfere with that important communication.

Our site cleaning team loves working with our customers and there is a real sense of satisfaction when we are able to get a customer’s website back up and running and help secure them long term.

If need our world-class security analysts to help you recover from a hacked website, we would love to hear from you. You can click here to find out more about the Wordfence site cleaning service.

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