WordPress Tutorials

The Dashboard [wpmudev-video group=”dashboard” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”dashboard” show_title=”0″]
The Dashboard, The Admin Bar, Quick Draft, Changing Your Password
Posts [wpmudev-video group=”posts” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”posts” show_title=”0″]
Adding New Posts, Using Trash, Restoring Posts, Revisions
Pages [wpmudev-video group=”pages” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”pages” show_title=”0″]
Adding New Pages, Using Trash, Restoring Pages, Pages vs. Posts
The Visual Editor [wpmudev-video group=”editor” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”editor” show_title=”0″]
The Toolbar, Editing Text, Using Paragraphs, Heading Styles, Hyperlinks, Lists, Embed Videos, Creating Playlists, Post Excerpts
Working With Images [wpmudev-video group=”images” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”images” show_title=”0″]
Uploading Images, Adding Images From Media Library, Add Image From URL, Image Galleries, Editing Images, Replace an Image, Deleting Images, Set Featured Image
Media Library [wpmudev-video group=”media” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”media” show_title=”0″]
The Media Library, Adding Media, The Image Editor
Appearance [wpmudev-video group=”appearance” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”appearance” show_title=”0″]
Change Theme, The Customizer, Managing Widgets, Navigation Menus
Organizing Content [wpmudev-video group=”organizing” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”organizing” show_title=”0″]
Categories, Using Tags
Managing Comments [wpmudev-video group=”comments” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”comments” show_title=”0″]
Managing Comments
Users, Tools, and Settings [wpmudev-video group=”other” show_title=”1″] or [wpmudev-video group=”other” show_title=”0″]
Create and Edit Users, Tools, Settings, Running Updates, Install a Theme, Install and Configure a Plugin