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  • Wordfence Site Cleaning Customer Reviews

    In June last year we officially launched the Wordfence site cleaning service. Our senior analysts Brad and Colette had worked hard to put the processes in place we needed to provide an excellent site cleaning service to our customers that was fast, effective and safe. Since then the site cleaning team and the level of […]

  • Analysis: Methods and Monetization of a Botnet Attacking WordPress

    At Wordfence we see a huge range of infection types every day as we help our customers repair hacked websites. We also find new kinds of malware as we analyze the forensic data we gather from a range of sources. Our normal day involves turning that forensic data into firewall rules and scan signatures which…

  • 5 Things to be Aware of When Buying WordPress Security

    If you are new to WordPress or reevaluating your security strategy, you are overwhelmed by choice in today’s market. The reality is that there are only a handful of tools that truly protect your WordPress website from a hack and help you detect an incident. With all of the claims that vendors are making, it can…

  • An Interview with a Wordfence Senior Security Analyst

    An Interview with a Wordfence Senior Security Analyst

    Colette Chamberland is one of our two Senior Security Analysts who mentor and guide the rest of our team of analysts. She works closely with our site cleaning team to maintain our forensic investigation processes that ensure we deliver excellent and timely service to our customers while ensuring their data and credentials stay secure and their site…